Bergner Yosel

A painter and a sculptor Yosel Bergner was born in 1920 in Vienna (Austria). In 1937 emigrated to Australia together with a family where he got education at National Gallery Art School in Melbourne. During the war he joined the Australian army. In 1950 was repatriated to Israel and since 1957 he lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Bergner is the winner of the IsraelState award, the award of municipality of Tel Aviv – Dizengof's awards (1956), and also the award of Haifa municipality – the Shtruk's award (1954).

Bergner’s works have been exhibited at numerous exhibitions worldwide, represented the state of Israel on a biennial in Venice (Italy) and San Paulo (Brazil). Its works are kept in collections of the IsraelMuseum, the Tel Aviv museum and in Melbourne Art gallery (Australia).

Yosel Bergner's mysterious and magic paintings narrate about loneliness and self-determination, love and empathy, humanity and the belief in a miracle. The source of inspiration for the artist is surrealism with its characteristic technique meanings shifting and extraction of figures and subjects from habitual logic of existence. Even still-lives which are simple at first sight get absolutely new sounding full of hidden meanings.

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1982, color lithography, 56×43
38 205 p.
1984, color lithography, 48×34
38 205 p.