Giclee is a high-quality reproduction of any work of art
on real canvas through the use of digital technology.

Basic properties
• High-precision imitation of the original, including the smallest details, colors, shadows and texture of the brushstroke;
• It is very difficult to distinguish the giclee from the original picture. This can be done only by a specialist who is well versed in objects of art (art critic, researcher, antique dealer).
• Giclee copes with the task of creating an atmosphere in the interior no worse than the original painting.
• The cost of the giclee is usually several times lower than the cost of original.

Giclee is used by many world museums to show paintings which have not survived to this day or who are not in a good condition for exhibiting. Interior designers often use giclee for interior decoration, because it saves the cost of decoration while maintaining the concept of the project.

The collection of the giclee gallery "Art Holding Tatyana Nikitina" is rather extensive.
With us you can either purchase ready-made or order a giclee from any work presented in our gallery.

The final cost of the giclee is calculated individually and will depend on the size, technique and materials of the work.

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