Lang Wilfred

Wilfred Lang was born in an artistic family in Shanghai in 1954. He started painting watercolors at the age of seven and studied all the traditional painting techniques from his father, also a painter. Between 1972 and 1976 he attended art schools in Shanghai and Hong Kong, where he continued his studying. From 1977 Wilfred traveled extensively, lived on Hawaii, Barcelona and Amsterdam. His work has been shown throughout Europe, the United States and Asia. Currently the artist lives and works in Amsterdam.
Wilfred Lang's paintings harmoniously unite bases of the Western and the Eastern cultures. His works possess the magic of attraction originating in the art of calligraphy. His compositions bear a hint for a certain image, but they never decipher it fully, giving complete freedom to the viewer’s imagination. And light bright color of Wilfred’s pictures radiates love to the world and admiration of its beauty.

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2010, acrylic, canvas, 122×92
607 500 p.