Lyra Ana Maria

In 2018, Ana Maria became one of twelve female artists selected by the curators of the Chilean branch of the National Museum of Women's Art (USA, Washington) and the National Museum of Fine Arts (Chile, Santiago) to represent the country in the international collective exhibition dedicated to works of metal " Metalmorfosis "(Metalmorfosis). She presented to the public her works from the Light of Meditation series, which she has been working on in recent years.

To create her magical compositions, Ana Maria chose materials that at first glance contradict each other - wood, glass and metal. However, in interaction, they give birth to objects that are perfect. Warm natural wood creates a feeling of comfort for the viewer. This sensation is immersed in the airy haze of glass, and then there is a bright flash when metal and enamel meet.

The artist chooses copper as the material for his works, which largely determines the artistic merit of the product. The shine of the metal, shining through a thin layer of transparent enamel, gives a special strength and brightness to the color. The brightness of enamels looks truly precious next to copper, glass and wood.

Ana Maria's works are made using the technique of hot cloisonné enamel. This method has its own difficulties and is quite laborious. The glassy coating adds color to the composition, transforming it into a beautiful flower ready to turn into a butterfly or a mysterious landscape. The shine and play of enamel, its play when changing the angle of view, enliven the created work, give it dynamics. You can consider the work for a long time, gradually immersing yourself in the "light of meditation"

Ana Maria Lira is a participant of many projects and collective exhibitions.

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glass, copper, wood
13 x 31 × 31 cm
565 500 p.
glass, copper, wood
13 x 31 × 31 cm
565 500 p.
Sculpture Park, Santiago, Chile, 2005
Museum "National de Bellas Artes", Santiago, Chile, 2003
Gallery "La Fachada" Santiago, Chile, 1986
Centero de Artes Visuales, Montreal, Canada, 1982
Gallery "Viva Mexico", Caracas, Venezuela, 1981
Guayasamine Museum, Quito, Ecuador, 1979
Gallery "La Trinchera", Caracas, Venezuela, 1978
Artecum Room, Quito, Ecuador, 1976