A new monument of urban sculpture by Pavel Shevchenko has opened in St. Petersburg!

A new monument of urban sculpture by Pavel Shevchenko has opened in St. Petersburg!

On September 30, Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov and Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee Alexei Miller took part in the unveiling of a memorial sign in honor of the first St. Petersburg church - the Trinity-Petrovsky Cathedral on Troitskaya Square and the restored fence near Alexander Park.scale_1200

The creation of the memorial sign was initiated and carried out with the support of Gazprom by the Foundation for Assistance to the Restoration of Historical and Cultural Objects in St. Petersburg. The famous Russian sculptor Pavel Shevchenko worked on the memorial sign for a year.

The memorial sign is made in bronze and repeats the appearance of the original wooden building of the temple, preserved in the drawings from the time of Peter the Great. The base is a fragment of a granite boulder - a fragment of the Thunder-stone.

Peter I laid the foundation of the first church in St. Petersburg in 1709, where he assumed the title of emperor. The cathedral stood at the place where the passage from Kuibyshev Street to Petrovskaya Embankment is now located along the LenNIIproekt building and the House of Political Prisoners. The temple had a difficult fate - it burned down many times, was rebuilt and eventually was demolished in 1933, despite the fact that it was protected as a unique architectural monument.

“Gazprom has completely restored this masterpiece of foundry art and carefully restored the lost elements. This is a very valuable gift to the city, ”the governor said.scale_1200 (3)

Gazprom and the Administration of St. Petersburg are doing a lot to preserve historical memory and restore cultural and historical heritage. Today we have opened a memorial sign in honor of the Trinity-Petrovsky Cathedral. This is a unique cathedral both in the history of our city and in the history of our country. For a long time it was the main cathedral of the capital of the Russian Empire. With the opening of the memorial sign, we are actually starting to prepare for the celebration of a significant date - the 350th anniversary of the birth of Emperor Peter the Great - June 9, 2022, ”said Alexey Miller.dj
“We are proud that we were able to preserve the memory of the iconic place for the city, where the first St. Petersburg cathedral was located, and did not allow it to disappear without a trace from the history of St. Petersburg and the memory of Petersburgers. Thanks to the comprehensive support of the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Dmitrievich Beglov, the administration of St. Petersburg and PJSC Gazprom of all our projects, we continue to return the lost architectural monuments to the city. Our Foundation has initiated the reconstruction of the Borisoglebskaya Church on Sinopskaya Embankment, is preparing documentation for the Council for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage, which will consider the project to recreate the bell tower of the Smolny Monastery, and much more, ”says Philip Gribanov, representative of the Foundation for Assisting the Restoration of Historical and Cultural Objects in St.Petersburg.

“My task was to make a memorial sign so that any person, seeing it, would be literally inside the cathedral, plunged into the Peter's era. All prospecting, archival and other work was done before me and published as a separate book. I managed to choose an architectural solution when I tried to look at the temple through the eyes of Peter I himself, who, full of new impressions, returned from Holland. I myself was also in those places, and reproduced my own impressions of the mentality, culture, architecture of this country, and pushed away from them. So I got the power of the image and recreated it, ”sculptor Pavel Shevchenko told about the creative process.scale_1200 (2)

Source: Foundation for Assistance to the Restoration of Historical and Cultural Objects in St. Petersburg kultfond.com

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