Venue: Tatyana Parfyonova Fashion House, St. Petersburg

Time: May 25

Year: 2010

May 25, 2010 in the "Fashion House of Tatyana Parfyonova" was a show of her new collection, "Pictures and Dresses."

Art Holding Tatyana Nikitina acted as an official partner of the event.

Nikolay Kononov “The Gift of Vision”
Tatyana Parfyonova has been purposefully painting for many years. She has an easily recognizable handwriting, remaining connected with the best achievements of 20th century art. Easy, “instant” drawing creates a recognizable living world on her canvases, embodied in her exquisite color scheme, characteristic only for her. A flawless compositional flair allows her to create such a convincing world that the viewer, carefully contemplating her paintings, suddenly discovers that what he saw on the canvas is in fact his integral inner world. Not every artist manages to convince the audience that harmony and beauty are not on the surface of the canvas that we are looking at, but extend in ourselves, which suddenly acquired the gift of sincerity and harmony after the artist.

Nikolay Kononov (NK)
poet and writer, art critic, award winner
Apollo Grigoriev and Andrei Bely, member of the PEN Club