Venue: Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", Moscow

Time: December 1 - 4

Year: 2011

From November 30 to December 4, 2011, Art Holding Tatyana Nikitina presented two projects at the Central Exhibition Hall Manege (Moscow).

Project “Genetic Sustainability”
At the stand you could see the works of the famous Israeli artist and sculptor Uri Souls, constantly experimenting with new styles and methods of creating works, and the Dutch abstract artist Wilfred Lang, captivating the audience with a magical sense of peace and tranquility, coupled with the dynamism of line and color.

What unites these so different artists? Understanding the surrounding reality through the transformation of the historical basis on which the modern world exists. These are the historical roots that nurture contemporary art, where the genetic basis of the artist is clearly traced. Both Wilfred and Souls write a History projected onto modern reality, where events are only shadows reflected by the light of centuries-old experience of previous generations. Therefore, in their works the transience of time and the crazy rhythm of today are not felt. They remember that we all “stand on the shoulders of our ancestors,” and it is this memory that gives them genetic stability.

The Art to Life project, the art interior Dedication to Mondrian, was both a new interpretation of avant-garde classics and a reflection of the latest trends in the interaction of art and design.
In the twentieth century, art, thanks to the purity of the language of abstract art, entered the real world and created a design, but this brainchild lacked the emotionality, passion and verbosity of illustrative art. And now, before our eyes there is a new destruction of the boundaries between art and real life. Art enters into the traditional way of life, without losing its qualities, but stepping off the canvas and creating variations in the interior space. The work opens up new unexpected facets to the viewer, becomes functional and utilitarian. while remaining a work of high art. The picture begins to exist in three-dimensional space. Shelving, sofa, table - everything acquires a new level of content, becoming essentially an art object, an art in the space of real life, conducting a dialogue in the same language with paintings by the passionate and vibrant Zhorez Machado, who filled the “Mondrian grid” with the passion of jazz dance.