Venue: State Hermitage Museum (Youth Center), St. Petersburg

Time: April 8 - 26

Year: 2009

On April 8–26, 2009, an exhibition of works by Aron Zinshtein was held at the State Hermitage's Youth Educational Center.

S.V. Kudryavtseva "Aron Zinshtein"
Aron Iosifovich Zinshtein was born in Nizhny Tagil, but his whole life is connected with St. Petersburg. After graduating from College. Mukhina, he successfully engaged in architectural design, for some time worked in the exhibition department of the State Hermitage Museum, and was intensively engaged in painting, graphics, sculpture. Finally, painting won, becoming the main business of his life. The character of this talented artist, who has experienced a lot and has learned a lot, is immediacy and openness, emotionality and a lively interest in life surrounding him.

Zinshtein works a lot and with visible pleasure, moving from oil to gouache, from lithography to etching, from wooden painted sculpture to installation. Large multi-figured genre compositions and landscapes, portraits and still lifes, oil on canvas, painted in a free, wide manner, almost childishly easy and expressive. Behind this sketchy manner is a great skill of the draftsman, a subtle sense of color, knowledge of the laws of painting. Zinshtein’s Petersburg landscapes are full of dynamics, filled with complex silvery shades of true St. Petersburg light. In its interpretation of the artist, ceremonial Petersburg is deprived of its royal severity and poise, it is full of expression, sharp dynamic rhythms, while remaining the same recognizable brilliant northern capital of Russia.

Aron Zinshtein is a participant in numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad, a recognized master of the St. Petersburg school. His paintings are picturesque harmonies, a beautiful colorful world in which live funny, funny, sad, funny and kind characters, in which part of the artist’s soul lives.

S.V. Kudryavtseva