Atroschenko A.

Artist Andrei Atroshenko was born in Pokrovsk in 1965. At the age of 12, as a gifted child, Andrei was admitted to an art school, which the young artist graduated in 1981 with honors.

And ten years later, in 1991, Andrei Atroshenko entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. Three years later, Andrei took part in his first exhibition.

In 1999, at the invitation of Bay Arts, an association of American artists, Andrew Atroshenko went to the United States to take part in exhibitions dedicated to the Millennium. Subsequently, Andrei wrote that this year in North America gave him, for understanding the profession of the artist, more than the entire academic course - the paintings of the young artist were successfully sold in the United States and France, Germany. Several paintings were sold with great success at Sotheby's.

Currently, the artist lives and works in St. Petersburg, and his paintings are bought by collectors of paintings and art galleries around the world.

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oil on canvas, 51×46 см
337 500 p.