Wiley Marta

Marta Wiley was born in Mexico City (Mexico). Her grandmother was a well-known Mexican artist Marta Godfried and the first Marta’s teacher. Marta graduated from fine arts school in Los Angeles. From 1992 to 2005 won popularity in creation of posters, being cooperated with the New York society of graphics and prestigious publishing houses.

Regular participant of the Artexpo exhibitions. Marta’s works have been exposed in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Japan.

Marta Wiley’s works resemble early Renaissance paintings with their harmonious composition and the lightened colors. Her images and sophisticated stylizations look like they appear through the patina of time. The difficult author’s technique includes putting metals oxides and beeswax on a canvas. It gives to the paintings an outlook of an ancient fresco.

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2008, acrylic, canvas, 117×87
675 000 p.