Avram Ben

Edward Ben Avram was born in 1941 in Bombay (India). Moved to Israel in 1956. Studied in Jerusalem in Betzlel Academy of arts and design. During his studies Ben Avram was strongly influenced by Marc Chagall's painting.

In 2004 some of Ben Avram's paintings were chosen for a conference hall in the prime minister of Israel’s office. His works are kept in the largest collections in the USA, Canada, Israel, Panama, Mexico, Brazil, France, England, Switzerland and Germany.

Now Ben Avram lives and works in Jerusalem.

Plots from the Old Testament and landscapes of Jerusalem are the artist’s favourite subjects. His works are full with sublime feeling of a secret and of mystical presentiments. This art is unusually kind, light and slightly humorous, it’s filled with love to the World. Prevalence of gentle enamel-blue shades in color symbolizes initial purity and reminds of the sky and the sea.

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2009, oil on canvas, 50х60
349 376 p.
2008, oil on canvas, 30х30
Price on request


  • Tatiana Nikitina’s Art Holding, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2012, etc.
  • Exhibition Hall «Smolny», St. Petersburg, Russia, 2010
  • Blue and White Art Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel, 2001–2013
  • Artexpo New York, New York, USA, 1981–1985
  • Artexpo Los Angeles, Los Angeles, USA, 1981–1985
  • Personal exhibition in the Safrai Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel, 1977
  • Group exhibitions in the Safrai galleries, USA, Canada, 1967–1978