Zaslavsky Anatoly

Anatoly Zaslavsky was born in 1939 in Kiev (Ukraine). In 1957 he finished Kiev Art School and in 1965 graduated from St. Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy (Department of Monumental Painting).

In 1977 he became a member of the Russian Union of Artists. In 1992 Anatoly Zaslavsky became a member of the St. Petersburg Creative. Since 1969 he has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Russia and abroad.
Anatoly Zaslavsky, perhaps, the most famous St. Petersburg expressionist. Together with B. Borshch, I. Vasilyeva, A. Molev, Yu. Sopina, V. Yashke, G. Mudrenov, A. Rumyantsev and some other artists he enters into the art group "Hopeless Painters". All of them were united by dedication into painting, into colorism, attention to color and light – to the pure art categories, unlike many other modern masters, they do not have to fight against anything and do not support anything. "Hopelessness" is understood as a high mission and an alternative not to go with the mainstream in art – artists are engaged in what is interesting to them, standing apart from categories, fashion or a caution on the market. And this approach – art for art sake – allows them to achieve really outstanding results.

Anatoly Zaslavsky is the unsurpassed master of color. The Art lives in his painting, with all its intuitition, emotions, and delicacy of feelings. His works are the momentary impressions of the artist, direct experience, immediacy of clear color and emotional snapshot framed on the canvas.

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1997, литография, 77х74,5
61 158 p.
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