Svetlakov Sergey

Sergey Svetlakov was born in 1961 in Kazan. In 1981 he graduated from the Kazan art school, and in 1986 – graduate with honors from the Leningrad state institute of theater, music and cinematography (production faculty) as an art director of drama and musical theater.

In 1991, Russian National Television shot a film about the artist in the “Property of the Republic” series, which was shown several times in the same year.

Since the mid-1990s, leaving his work in the theater, the artist focuses on painting.

Svetlakov is a participant in numerous exhibitions, including Art Asia Miami (2012).

Sergei Svetlakov's won the 2nd place in the National Portrait Gallery's Portrait Award BP Portrait Award 2020.

The works of Sergey Svetlakov are material and realistic – fruits, flowers, vessels, heavy folds of a drapery are carefully detailed and make an impression of weighty material objects. However, in these images, the artist introduces a certain artistic dispassionateness, aiming to distance his realism from photographic similarity. Delicately represented objects as if are shown through the artfully adjusted optics emphasizing the shapes and strengthening brightness of color.


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2010, oil on canvas, 76х61
405 000 p.
2009, oil on canvas, 55х47
270 000 p.