Lotsman Aleksandr

Was born in 1947, in the city of Achinsk of Krasnoyarsk region. He graduated from the Krasnoyarsk art school. In1971 he moved to Leningrad and continued to study painting. He joined the "Free Culture" association and in the St. Petersburg Department of the Union of Artists of Russia.

In the 1980th – the 1990th – he was an active participant of exhibitions of the Leningrad underground in Gaza House of Culture, in the Palace of Youth, including participation in Riga and Tallinn exhibitions.
Works of the artist are stored in Museum of Nonconformist Art, the Museum of history of St. Petersburg, the Museum of Modern Art Erarta, Norton Dodge museum (USA), in funds of the Ministry of Culture of Estonia and Karelia, in funds of memorial estate of the Valaam Island and also in private collections.

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2010, oil on canvas, 70×80
472 500 p.
2010, oil on canvas, 60×70
472 500 p.