"In the Open Air" Exhibition of Gelia Pisareva

Venue: Gallery of Modern Art "Art Holding Tatyana Nikitina"

Time: September 24 - December 24

Year: 2015

"Sometimes the artist manages to stand on tiptoe and for a second see what is behind the wall of visible reality."
Tatyana Tolstaya

Galina Demyanovna Pisareva was born in Leningrad in 1933, graduated from the Tauride School and the Academy of Arts, for many years she was engaged only in monumental sculpture, losing painting to her husband Vladimir Shagin. A contemporary and close witness of the best period of the famous Arefyevsky Circle, she tried to stay away, doing her own research in the field of folk wooden sculpture, the relations of flatness and volume, formal issues of technology.

However, the true love of Pisareva turned out to be painting - under her hands wooden voluminous “idols” blossomed with paints, and sketches and preparatory sketches strove for life of independent paintings. Professional specialization in the field of sculpture saved the artist from the severity of the traditional academic manner of writing, her painting forever remained free, independent of the requirements of the school. She was always more attracted to the aesthetics of folk art and icons than realistic painting. As in the Old Russian icon, which is, according to Pavel Florensky "a reminder of the mountain prototype", the basis of the Geli painting is a symbol.

Now, on her countless canvases, as if not written, but sung or woven from living breath - so easy strokes, so natural colors - there are landscapes filled with the perfection of life, the impeccable beauty of life, harmony and peace.

Vladimir Solovyov likened landscape painting to lyric poetry - because these forms of art "in concentrated form reproduce the ideal side of complex phenomena of external nature, clearing them of all material contingencies." The phenomena of the visible world appear in the works of Pisareva as “purified” from everything accidental and superficial.

Exhibition catalog: http://artholdingtn.ru/f/gelyapisareva-sky_interactive.pdf