Venue: Tatiana Nikitina Art Holding

Time: September 27

Year: 2012

September 27, 2012 in the "Art Holding Tatyana Nikitina" held an exhibition-holiday "Angel meeting", dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the gallery.

“My angel” - we say to our dear person, putting tenderness, light, kindness, peace in these words. It is these feelings that are associated with the word angel.

An angel is a “messenger," he is a creature from the highlands, devoid of human passions and temptations, but in our view, an angel has long gone beyond only the herald of divine will. He is a keeper, adviser, guide walking alongside a person along his life path and helping to choose the right solution, saving from trouble, rejoicing and grieving. An angel has been humanized, emotional for a long time and it doesn’t care what’s happening in the soul and life of a person. He is always there and it gives a feeling of security and faith that there is always a way out and everything will be fine.

If you want to see an angel - look into the eyes of a child - he is there. It is not hard to hear: you only need to carefully listen to yourself, to ask yourself a question, without regard to the convenience of the answer, and the answer will follow immediately. You will say that it is a conscience. Call what you want, but he (she) gives answers and is not always hospitable or comfortable. You can not hear them or leave for later, but even then the angel will not leave, will not back down, because he does not know the feeling of resentment or vengeance.

Art is another way of the messenger to convey his message. After all, art speaks directly to the heart. It pleases us, fills with thoughts, emotions, does better.

For 5 years now, Tatyana Nikitina’s Art Holding has been sharing this news, and today I want to say thanks:

an angel who presented the idea to open a gallery where we have the opportunity, through the work of wonderful artists, to share our emotions, thoughts, experiences, “celebration of color and light”, “stories in images” “with love”, “for non-random viewers”, actually see “ life as it is ”and carry“ art to life ”
angels that stand behind our artists
and the angels, who, despite everything, are always with us.