Venue: Tatiana Nikitina Art Holding

Time: March 14

Year: 2013

March 14, 2013 "Art Holding Tatyana Nikitina" opened the exclusive exhibition "Principle of Pleasure".

The interiors of the old San Galli mansion transformed into a surreal space, where visitors were waiting for fantastic images from the depths of the subconscious created by Salvador Dali. And numerous mirrors reflected all the facets of the talent of the great mystifier.

At the exhibition were presented:

Engravings from the collection of Pierre Argile, created in 1960-1974 and included in the “Golden Fund of the Engraving of the Twentieth Century” (similar prints are stored at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts)
Exclusive Limoges Porcelain of 1976 based on the designs of Dali from the collection of Pierre Argile
Sculpture 1980-1984 - IAR Collection, Switzerland (Salvador Dali Foundation London, Paris)
Tapestry "Simeon" (Salvador Dali Foundation, London)