Venue: Tatiana Nikitina Art Holding

Time: December 20

Year: 2012

In the days of Christmas, the sound of the world holiday is becoming more and more tangible.
It is on these days that people of all religions begin to think about the Divine word, the essence of everything that surrounds us.
From the Old Testament it is clear how the World was created in the Sound of the Word in an invisible void: the light was separated from the darkness, the sky was spread over the waves, gardens were blooming on the land that came out of the sea waves. The Divine Word also created Man.
A picture is also an embodied word, a sound written in paints and taking shape.
Such are the paintings of Andrei Kovalenko, depicting the four Evangelists: John, Matthew, Mark and Luke.
The work performed on the boards, in accordance with the iconographic canons of the work, carries within it a Word that everyone can hear ...

Сatalog of the exhibition "And there was the Word ..."