Venue: St. Petersburg State Museum of Theater and Music, ul. Architect Rossi, 2, lit. A

Time: September 5 - October 6

Year: 2014

The opening of the first large-scale exhibition of the Brazilian artist Juarez Machado in St. Petersburg took place on September 5, 2014 in the main building of the Theater Museum (St. Petersburg State Museum of Theater and Music, 2 Zodchego Rossi St., letter A). Organized by the contemporary art gallery "Art Holding Tatyana Nikitina", a personal exhibition of a well-known artist in Europe is designed to introduce Russian art lovers to his work.

Juarez Machado was born in 1941 in Joinville, Brazil. He studied at the art school of Curitiba. He worked as a designer, painter, illustrator, sculptor, set designer and engraver. In 1986, the French Academy of Arts provided him with a workshop in Paris. Machado is a participant in more than one hundred personal and group exhibitions, his works are in many major museums around the world, and are exhibited at the most prestigious auctions. In addition, he is the owner of many awards and titles received in different countries (Brazil, France, Japan).

Both in life and in creativity, Machado is attracted by what excites emotions: unrestrained jazz, passionate tango, wine, French perfumes. The bohemian lifestyle full of fun and pleasures that the artist depicts in his paintings is a combination of South American rhythms with the traditions of European Art Deco. The dance of passion, in which men and women are spinning on his canvases, is the embodiment of the sacred essence of life, which the artist worships.

Exhibition catalog: http://artholdingtn.ru/f/catalogue_machado_05.pdf