Venue: Tatiana Nikitina Art Holding

Time: November 27 - December 24

Year: 2014

The contemporary art gallery "Art Holding Tatyana Nikitina" has already begun preparations for the Christmas exhibition, which will begin on November 27 and last until December 24, 2014. This time our attention will be turned to the side of a warm and cozy decorative and applied art: the craftsmen of the patchwork, crazy quilt, art quilt Irina Voronina and Maya Orekhova will present their works.

The dialogue of artistic images and textiles, expertly hand-picked by the artisans, always causes amazement and admiration. The beauty and imagery achieved by the play of fabric and the artist’s imagination reflect in their own way the development of modern art, which means they give an energetic impulse to the imagination, the birth of new ideas. The theme of Christmas and New Year is the most fertile for the method of creative expression, in which the shape, texture, color are filled with the warmth of the craftswomen’s hands, and the moments of inspiration give a special personality to their products. Sanctified by tenderness, man-made beauty makes it possible to enjoy the art of higher harmony and to maintain faith in good in our difficult times day after day.