Venue: Tatiana Nikitina Art Holding

Time: October 17 - November 7

Year: 2013

painting, graphics, sculpture

On October 17, 2013, the opening of the sixth exhibition season took place at the Tatyana Nikitina Art Holding Gallery. The exhibition "Around the World Summer" featured paintings, graphic and sculptural works by contemporary artists from around the world.

Which of us does not like to travel? Caught on his own will on the other side of the world, a person seems to start life from scratch: he looks around with a fresh look, explores and hears the new, he perceives life with all his soul, takes hundreds of photographs to capture every step. “Life while traveling is a dream in its purest form,” wrote Agatha Christie, and it’s hard to disagree with her.

The Art Holding Tatyana Nikitina Gallery opens the new exhibition season with the works of artists from the countries of eternal summer, whom I especially want to dream about now, when the days are getting shorter and colder. Before us will unfold the images of the whole world, in each of which a volatile impression is drawn that attracts the traveler to the ends of the world. The heat of exotic countries and captivating floral and fruity motifs will stop happy moments and, albeit briefly, return the flying summer, forever remaining in the paintings.

We have collected for you works from our collection that combine a sense of freedom, lightness, fun and summer heat - our travels, meetings and memories of them.

Exhibition catalog: http://artholdingtn.ru/f/book_krug-leto_preview.pdf